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The Problem

The display of inadequate financial practices and the lack of affirmative financial history in lower income homes and can lead to a generational curse of debt and poverty. Moreover, the dismal employment climate calls for education and exposure to entrepreneurial career options.


Our Solution

The Economics & Entrepreneurship module educates students on banking, saving, budgeting, the stock market and entrepreneurship. Our interactive lessons engage students in vital information on different financial principals as well as explain why it is so important to save money and to have good credit. As part of the module, we look at different case studies of successful entrepreneurs and examine what steps were taken to get to that point of success.
The S.E.N.S.E.S. Foundation provides all participants with weekly monetary stipends for successful participation in the program. At the beginning of the program, we guide each student through the process of opening a savings account. The weekly stipends are deposited into each students individual account and can be used with administrative approval for “education related” materials such as Regents Review materials and course fees, recreational books, school supplies, school uniforms, educational games etc.



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